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Spoopy time is upon us.

Halloween candy is already at the grocery store.

Costume/prop shops are popping up like daises.

Hocus Pocus gifs circling my dash.

It’s August.

         Ninjanornicon requested this. Incubus Spencer and Alive Billy filming a sex tape.  

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earthen-heart replied to your post: Urgh life is kicking me in the groin a…

Good luck, hope things get better for you.

Thanks friend. I’m sure they will :)

Urgh life is kicking me in the groin and it is so hard to stay positive.

I get creative with my au’s so much that they spread so far away from the original show they should just be oc’s. I do this (however selfish this is.) so people will see my art because I know if it goes in a fandom tag people will see it.

It’s so sad, that I have to do this. I’m sure others do it too.

Original work needs more recognition.

you're an otherkin?

Well, it’s kind of a new development I never knew what an other kin was ‘till recently but I definitely do not feel human and never really have.

I see myself as a Therian or animal kin, specifically a snake. (Which is why I draw myself as a naga.)


Sometimes you need to be reminded why you do the things you do.
sometimes you need to dig deep down to your roots and regain the passion you once had.
You are one of a kind, don’t forget it.

Officially started work on the next novel today!

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