Call me Josh, Trans-male living in New York waiting to make enough money to move to the city so I can live with my beautiful girlfriend, Things I enjoy include: Dude That's My Ghost, Randy Cunningham, Supernatural, Teen wolf... R.I.P A.A, The Walking Dead and just generally helping people out who need it. I doodle here and there and I'm currently working on a novel.

My Actual 80's Spencer and Soulmate ❤ ❤

Commisions: OPEN.

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do you ever just accidentally dedicate your entire life to a band




If I was an author, I’d go into bookstores and find the shelf with my books, randomly sign one, and put it back on the shelf to be sold. 

I can imagine a few authors doing this



My hair is very frizzy and I never fix myself up too lazy to.

Got a new sketch book and filled the first page with copic snake boys

Wow I literally just spent a good 5 minutes rolling these new snake bites around with my tongue in the mirror… I still can’t believe they are there. :O

So Pro Pro took me to an awesome stone shop where I got a new opalite rubbing stone and a cobra totem to help me through the new changes in my life. :)

Got a job and rewarded myself with new piercings :D


Is DTMG good? I’m considering watching it but idk

Dtmg is a terrible awful beautiful show. Its like riding a roller coaster and you look ahead and there are tracks missing. Haha really though the show is cute but very mediocre its the fandom that makes it what it is but I would recommend giving it a try, the first episode is terrible but as you progress through the show they do get better and sometimes worse XD but yeah I’d give it a shot!

"Shh, No one has to know."

Anyone taking commissions?


If so feel free to send me your prices. I’m looking for someone to make an icon and a couple character pieces.


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