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Call me Josh, Trans-male living in New York with my beautiful partner! Whom I meant online, yes people online relationships work gasp!, Things I enjoy include: Dude That's My Ghost, Randy Cunningham, Supernatural, Teen wolf... R.I.P A.A, The Walking Dead and just generally helping people out who need it. I have an unhealthy obsession with Spider-Man and Resident Evil and anything apocalypse related I doodle here and there and I have one published novel. :D

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My name is Josh and I am a self-published author. The hardest part about making this my career is marketing, it is incredibly difficult without belonging to a company. So I turn to you guys to help me with that, the link attached to this post goes to the B&N page of my debut novel. Where you can read reviews and possibly purchase, the Ebook is available here.

I have a project blog for my work as well, right now there are three titles in the works, Reliance is finished and published. InCross is the one I am currently working on and The HereAfter is in production. You can learn more about these projects by clicking on them. My novels are illustrated by Prosonic, you can view their art here and also on the project blog.

Like I said before I am self published, you guys are my marketing team. I am looking for a simple reblog to help spread the word about my work, I’m not begging people to purchase it, I really just want to be known and if you’re interested and purchase a copy that is fantastic. Please help me accomplish this ridiculously hard goal, it is my dream to be a nationally recognized author.

Have a great rest of your day and thank you for taking the time to read this and an even bigger thanks if you choose to reblog.



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hazecat replied to your post: Having doubts about my art style again…

I greatly enjoy your style, but it never hurts to experiment.

Thanks Hazey, It’s just whenever I draw something it comes out different, I guess I’m looking for a little consistency is all. :T

a-scandal-in-the-impala replied to your post: Having doubts about my art style again…

shit son your art is awesome

Oh thank you .///.

Drinking hot chocolate before I have to head out for the day.

I just saw (Off Site) That someone was charging for people to attend an art stream.

That’s…wow I could understand if they were like famous or fantastic or something but I think it’s a little rude.

Or it just me?

Having doubts about my art style again. /:


It’s Spoopy time. Have a gay ghost



I like Jay, always being careful.

Like this character design? (How could you not, Pro does amazing work.)
Follow us to find out more about him.

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